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For years I designed houses. But long before I was an architect, as a child I made clothes for my dolls. Later I did that for myself, and later still for my children. After my stint in architecture I decided to return to my first passion … and no longer just to design for myself or my family. 

I am still the creative girl I always was, fascinated by watching a cloud in the shape of a dragon, talking with the beetles and dreaming, absorbed by a story, with mud on my cheeks, missing a sock… 

Between the materials and tools I constantly discover new forms and make new stories. Literally everything can appeal to me: a leaf on the ground in the woods, a piece of old material, a second-hand sweater… everything that has lived or died is radiant and amazing.

 I love practical items of clothing with a touch of humor; a rebellious note, simple and quirky. Also the colorful folklore and culture of the region in the Czech Republic where I come from, I let their voices be heard through my garments. 

My personal life history has taught me that anything is possible if only I believe in it. Authenticity is my second nature; and without the connection with the ‘first nature’ I can not breathe. I hope you can find these words – unspoken – in my clothing …


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